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- In 1995, for every $1 million in revenues generaed by the casino industry, 13 jobs were created.

- According to a survey by Coopers and Lybrand casino employees in a single year purchased, among other things 66,000 homes, 176,000 automobiles, and 173,000 major appliances.

- More than 90 publicly traded companies, all under the scrutiny of the securities and Exchange Comission own gambling interests.

- The New York State Teachers Retirement Fund owns stock in the gambling industry.

- Las Vegas has a lower crime rate than Orlando, Florida.

- Since 1991, Atlantic City's crime rate has been falling dramatically.

- Crimes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana have decreased every year since casino gaming was introduced.

- A study by the former Illinois Inspector General and director of the Illinois State Police states that there is no direct link between gaming and crime and that communities with casinos are equally as safe as communities without them.

- While gambling is considered illegal in New York State, the Lottery, Instant Lottery, Take Five, Quick Draw, Horse Racing, and Off Track Betting (OTB), still exist.

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