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Issues and Positions:

Since its creation in 2002, the NYGA has been firmly devoted to lobbying and petitioning for the legalization of casino gambling in New York State.

Opponents argue many erroneous myths regarding the gaming industry which frightens people. Some of these are:
- "The gaming industry is controlled by organized crime."
- "Gaming causes street crime."
- "Gambling produces more addictive pathological gamblers."

These are absolutely not true! Lets look at why:

-All major law enforcement authorities say that states with strong gaming regulations and enforcement do not experience problems with organized crime.

- Gaming entertainment companies are owned by the same people who own companies such as Disney, IBM, and General Motors.

- Crime rates are lower in Las Vegas, than in Orlando Florida.

Atlantic City's crime rate has been rapidly decreasing since 1991, and the crime rate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been down since gambling was introduced.

-A study by the Harvard Medical School states that "the majority of American and Canadians gamble with little or no adverse consequences." In addition the study also states that only about 1% of the adult population has a serious pathological problem with gambling (compared to 13.8% of those with lifetime alcohol abuse or dependency). This rate is also the same regardless of whether people live in gambling or non-gambling areas.

Accredited Sources:

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