NYGA New York Gambling Association

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A Common Definition: According to Webster's Dictionary, the word gamble means to bet money on the outcome of a game or contest.

Mission Statement

Throughout the history of the NYGA, our group has taken a step towards the legalization, and establishing of casino gambling in the state of New York. It is our goal to spread our message to the citizens of New York State, and, with your support, help to bring about this ground breaking change.

-2002 President of the NYGA

DISCLAIMER: This site is purely fictious.  It was created as a senior project for a high school Participatory Government class, and was never intended as more than such.  The NYGA, the associated site, and its creators, are neither real activists, nor experts on New York Gambling.  Our site was never intended to be public on any search engine, but due to the nature of the Google search engine, it appears this site has become public.  Due to this, the site's creators are currently discussing how this site shall be removed.

Again, this site is purely fictious and should not be regarded as anything more.

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